Perbedaan Pengucapan Wants to vs Wanna

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Ternyata ada perbedaan cara pengucapan wants to vs wanna. Kapan kita mengucapkan kedua kata tersebut. Seringkali kita mendenger orang lain mengucapkanya tapi kita sendiri mungkin belum paham letak perebdaanya. Yuk kita simak.

To speak like native speaker the learners have to reduce mistake (reduction). Now we will discuss different between Wants to and Wanna, Have to vs has to, and Gonna. The purpose to speak clearly, fluently, and understandable.

  • He/ she / it – Wants to -> wantsta
  • I / you/ we/ they – want to -> wanna
  • I / you / we/ they – have to -> havta
  • he / she / it – has to -> hasta
  • I am going to -> I’m ganna home
  • hes/ she/ it is going to -> HeZganna / SheZganna/ Itsgonna home

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