Pengertian dan Contoh Morfologi

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Morphology is the study of forms / word formation or it can be said that morphology is the branch of linguistic that deal with word / studies the structure of words.

  • Open categories : Verb, Noun (Lexical)
  • Close categories : Adjective, Adverb

A. Morpheme

Morph: Bentuk aktual dari kata
Morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit of morphology. There are 2 types of
Morpheme divided two: free morpheme (stam / based word) and bound morpheme
  • Free morpheme: it has meaning when stand alone
  • Bound morpheme: it is meaningless without root morpheme ad can’t stand alone

B. Bound morpheme 

Bound morpheme divided into two Derivational morpheme and Inflexional Morpheme

1. Derivational Morpheme
Ex. Adj + ness : happy + ness = happyness (noun)
2. Inflexional Morpheme : morpheme yang selalu melekat pada Noun dan Verb.
Ex. Morpheme (-S)
Noun plural dan singular.
Ex. Books
Verb : penanda kata ganti orang ke-3.
Ex. He studies
Possessive : Kepemilikan.
Ex. My friend’s book

C. Arbitrary of Language

Ex. Boy : 1 Morpheme
Boys : boy + s = 2 morpheme

D. Allomorph

Allomorph adalah variasi bentuk morpeheme
1. Zeromorph: tidak ada perubahan kelas kata
Ex. Man – men; sheep – sheep; fish- fish; go – went
2. Irregular Morph
Ex. Child – children; Mouse – mice

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