Beasiswa untuk Mahasiswa 1-31 Januari 2022 dari Sariraya, Uang Saku 500 Ribu Perbulan Menanti

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Ada Beasiswa SARIRAYA2022 Batch II untuk mahasiswa pendaftaran 1-31 Janauri 2022 dengan uang saku mencapai Rp500.000 per bulan selama 1 semester.

Sariraya Co., Ltd. Sahabat, this is the beginning the name of Sariraya, from the social cultural activities, sports (UNDOKAI) religious, seminars & shimposium in 2004 in Aichi Prefecture. 

Perhaps Sariraya is the only Indonesian company in Japan founded by Indonesian people (Founder Suyoto Rais, Teguh Wahyudi). Sariraya always strive to develop and develop, with professional management.

February 2005, Official Name of Sahabat changed with Sariraya Yugengaisha & offered to the Japanese companion lovers for Indonesia to join Sariraya management. 

In 2006 (Mr. Takahito Sato) 2010 Sariraya fell down, the founders retreated from Sariraya because the conditions are very difficult to survive. (Some founders returned to Indonesia, others returned to their work).

Teguh Wahyudi as CEO of Sariraya in 2010 decided to take over all control of the company with his wife (Komang Iriani). 

Finally, starting in 2013 Sariraya changed Staus from Yugengaisha to Kabushikigaisha Sariraya (PT.).

Sariraya then add to the division of import and trading in order to distribute halal products from foreign Countries, in order to spread throughout Japan. 

Sariraya Continue to move forward and develop into the company Dwi National as well as media friendship between Indonesia and Japan. As our company’s Vision & Mission and Japan. As the Vision & Mission of our company.


The wait is over!

Please check to register your self to get the scholarship!

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